2018 Workshops

February 5th - Queenstown New Zealand

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Solo Barefoot & Bearded one day workshop 

status - Completed

May 21st - 24th - Mount Hotham VIC, Australia

4 day adventure/wedding photography workshop based in Mt Hotham VIC, AUS.


July 11th - Joshua Tree, USA

Intoxicated workshop_ps.png

1 full day workshop based in Joshua Tree, USA

Status - Bookings open soon

August 5th - 6th - Barrington Tops, NSW, AUS

One night adventure/photography workshop in Barrington Tops, NSW, Australia.

Status - Bookings open soon

August 21st - 24th - Alberta, Canada

Insane 4 day workshop with some of the best in the biz in Alberta Canada.

Status - Bookings open now!!!


Queenstown Solo Workshop Video - Filmed by Nathan Kaso