Australian Wedding Photographer

Photography/Business Mentoring.

I get such a buzz out of mentoring and helping out small businesses and photographers.
I can cover anything you like! For an hour I am an open book, no secrets, no hidden tips, all open for you!

How does it work?

How we start the process is by each other via email where I can get an insight into your business/work and what you would like to improve on or develop. After that we tee up a time that suits us both where we can chat for a whole hour and you can fire as many questions as you'd like!

Australian Elopement photographer

How much is this gonna cost me?

The way I run my mentoring is a "Pay what you think it's worth." There is nothing worse than signing up to pay big dollars for a mentoring session and learn nothing! We do the chat, then I give you my payment details and you pay me what you think the talk was worth.
I trust in karma and people's generosity, so I believe your actions will be rewarded accordingly haha.

What if I am based overseas (not in Australia)?

No worries at all! I have mentored people from Canada, Alaska, Utah, New Zealand and Jamaica. We can work out a time that suits both time zones!

Interested? Get in touch via email here -