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Please check out the video below to see how I work, vendor recommendations, timeline recommendations and more helpful information...


Just to summarise all the information in the video. But please watch the video to hear some more additional information.

What you actually get and how you receive your images.

You will receive roughly between 500-1000 images (colour corrected edited) via a high resolution online gallery. 
Images vary obviously between how the day goes, how many hours coverage, wedding vs elopement etc. 

Here are some examples below of how you will receive your images...

Wedding gallery

Wedding gallery

Elopement gallery

Elopement gallery


Wanna lock me in for your day?!

As I mentioned in the video, I want to meet you guys face to face or via FaceTime/Skype haha. 
If we can't lock a meeting in super soon and you guys can't wait, I am more than happy to lock you in and postpone the catch up.

Basically the process is: 

- 25% deposit of the final amount due within a week of invoice sent (package + travel costs if applicable) 
- 75% within the 2 weeks prior to the big day!

Travel expenses does vary depending on the exact location and OVERSEAS inquiries are flexible!


Timeline examples for early and late sunsets.

With early sunsets it makes it a bit difficult in you have to try and fit a lot in the day before it get's dark quickly. 

Early sunset timetable - 5.30pm

Ceremony - 3pm - 3.30pm

Family shots and cocktail time - 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Bridal party shots - 4.30pm - 4.45pm

Adventure time portrait shots - 4.45pm - 5.30pm

Reception formalities begin - 5.45pm

Other hints/tips: When starting reception, my recommendation is get speeches done as quickly as possible. The quicker you can get all the formalities out of the way, the more time you get to party! 

Late sunsets can be dangerous because I have found couples leave all the formalities till dark then everyone is too drunk to cooperate which can unnecessarily extend all the formalities. 

Late sunset timetable - 7.30pm

Ceremony - 4pm - 4.30pm

Family shots and cocktail time  - 4.45pm - 5.45pm

Bridal party shots - 5.45pm - 6pm

Head to reception and sneak in an entree and as many speeches as you can - 6pm - 645pm

Adventure time portrait shots - 6.45pm - 7.30pm

Reception formalities begin - 5.45pm 

Other hints/tips: The danger with late sunset weddings is not making use of the down time during the daylight hours. People get drunk quick and the quicker you get everything done the more party time you get during the night time hours.

I photograph on both film & digital cameras…


Prices vary depending on the package obviously. Here is the menu…

9hrs + Engagement shoot - $5,100
8hrs - $4,400
6hrs - $3,800

Elopement full day - $3,800
Elopement 3hrs - $2,500

You can add film photos onto the digital packages as well for $500 extra. That way you get both!

9hrs + Engagement Shoot - $5,600
8hrs - $5,000
6hrs - $4,700

Elopement full day - $4,300
Elopement 3hrs - $3,000


In terms of when I should start and finish photographing your day? 


This will help you guys a bit more with thinking about which package you should go through with.

- 3 hours prior to ceremony is heaps of time for getting ready shots. 2 hours is plenty also if you guys are getting ready at the same property.

- I should finish roughly 30-45 minutes (maximum 1hr) after your first dance. Reason being within 30minutes of an epic dancefloor I get 400 dance shots!!! People get interesting, photos get repetitive and I have had my gear damaged by drunk people before. 

My advice is if you are tossing up between two different packages, go with the shorter amount of coverage and save some money. If on the day you want me to stay longer, I am more than happy too then invoice the extra time stayed later on. ($300 per hour extra)


You guys are keen on an engagement shoot!?

Let me just say... Smart decision guys! As I mentioned in the video it is the best thing you can do to get epic shots for your day!

Practise for your wedding/elopement.

I usually charge $1200 per engagement shoot, but if you guys lock in a wedding/elopement with me then I offer you the engagement shoot for a huge discount!!!

$500 for the engagement shoot. 
Let's go camping, hiking or just something epic. As long as there are a few beers at the finish I am happy!


Vendor recommendations

Prints & Albums

atkins albums-22.jpg
atkins albums-10.jpg

Overtime I have become more and more passionate about seeing my photos in print or albums.

Photos on the computer or your phone is just fancy data, let’s turn that data into something tangible and REAL!
Something that will last generations and be passed down to your children and their children for decades to come!

I get all my prints and albums done through Atkins Photo Lab who are based in Adelaide. They are the oldest and best photo lab in Australia. The quality of their products destroy everyone else!

Albums and print prices click here!

atkins albums-2.jpg

All sound good?!

If you guys are happy then please get back in touch with me and let's see when we can lock in a meeting/catch up!

Email -

Phone - 0417 780 013

If you have anymore questions or concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch with me again via my contact page.