Alicia & Darren - New Zealand Elopement - Analog!


This trip combined two of my favourite things ever. New Zealand South Island and analog photography!
Some of you may know I went to New Zealand for a week to photograph an epic elopement that the couple decided they wanted ALL ON ANALOG!

I decided to extend my trip for a week (with my old boy) and snag some epic landscapes and enjoy a nice little holiday as well. Here is a mixed blog from my favourites from the elopement as well as some rad landscapes scattered throughout.

Every shot was done on film/analog and no digital cameras at all were used. HUGE shoutout to Atkins Photo Lab who are the best in the business at analog processing and scanning. Without their mitre touch, these would be nowhere near as good as this!

- Voigtlander Bessa R3a
- Pentax 67II
- Hasselblad 500CM

- Cinestill 50D
- Rollie Retro 400
- Kodak Portra 160/400/800
- Kodak TRI X 400

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