Al & Tobias - Marrakech, Morocco Elopement


So what the actual fuck, I got to go to Morocco for a fucking elopement!!! What an absolute privilege!
Al & Tobias these two legendary Aussies decided to go to Marrakech for an insanely cool elopement with themselves, Tobias’s best mate and Al’s sister.

Started with a chilled morning in our Riad getting ready as the drinks were pouring nice and early.
Went via scooters to their ceremony location in on of the coolest and largest Moroccan rug shops right in the centre of the city, before wandering around the beautiful pastel buildings for a few shots.
Closely followed by a drive through the desert to La Pause for a nice little intimate dinner where I was told to stop working and drink and eat with them!!!

What a fucking experience and I hope this isn’t the last time I get to go to Morocco!

Joel AlstonComment