2018! Celebrating 1 year of film


2018 was my dedicated huge year of travel to some of the most amazing locations such as Faroe Islands, New Zealand, USA, Morocco, Nepal and all around Australia.
2018 was also the birth of my obsession with the process of stepping back into analog and film photography.

So instead of swamping you with photos you have already seen on my Instagram and website, I thought I would show you my favourite (some never before seen) analog photos I have taken at home or abroad.

A bit about “Why film?” which I get asked a lot.
The actual reason I took up film again was because during such a hectic 2017 I didn’t take one photo of my son for 11months. Considering he was only 18months by the end of the year, was a huge stage of growth and development I don’t have any record of… This killed me!
So I decided to shoot more film for family so it didn’t add to my HUGE editing queue and I would never miss out on special family moments again.

This little novelty of film quickly grew and grew into this huge aspiring mountain of creativity, passion and excitement. Fuelled also by my best mate Aaron Shum who also started this infestation of film at the same time!

Digital vs Film I think is like Vinyl Records vs Spotify… Technically Spotify is more pristine, perfect, clean and cheaper, but vinyl is raw, real, gritty and just beautiful.
Digital cameras are great tools and have developed photography into areas that the industry never thought was possible, but there is something about shooting analog again that is just simple and elegant.

This is a blog of short selection of my favourite photos from the year of shooting analog again. Arranged in ascending order from January - December, you (hopefully) will see a growth in quality and creativity.

Thank you to all my couples, my family, Atkins Photo Lab and my best friends for helping me along this amazing journey and supporting me.

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